Norfolk Veterans Home

The Norfolk Veterans Home provides our area veterans with outstanding care in a beautiful, home-like atmosphere. In addition to quality medical care, the home offers a library, canteen, beauty and barber shop, recreation room and other amenities. Heroes Park was created to give members an outdoor space where they can spend time with family and friends, go for a walk or just enjoy being outside. Heroes Park features a pavilion, picnic areas, a basketball court, playground, and many walking paths and seating areas.

The goal was to create a park that would not only benefit the many World War II and Korean War veterans who now live at the home, but also veterans from more recent conflicts, many of whom are dealing with lifechanging injuries and may one day need the services of the Norfolk Veterans Home. The park also includes a flag pavilion that recognizes all the branches of the military.

Norfolk Veterans Home
600 E Benjamin Ave
Norfolk, NE 68701

Norfolk Veterans Home:
(402) 370-3330

Norfolk Veterans Home Foundation:
(402) 370-3102

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